Applications Instructions: Keep our planet GREEN, please save the papers, stamps, and time by just copying, scanning the corresponding application forms along with the requested references etc, and do not forget to scan passport size photo ID, and any photos of yours to introduce yourself to the host family! for any question please email or cal (916) 730 – 4829

1) Please print, fill out and sign your application.

2) Scan and send back by email your application along with the requested references.

3) Email application to:

4) Send $200 down payment to Elite Tutoring & Au-Pair in Europe, only upon acceptance of your application,  the balance is due after the final confirmation of your placement.


Tutoring Application(English) – Click Here

Tutoring Application(French) – Click Here

Au-Pair Application(English) – Click Here

Au-Pair Application(French) – Click Here

Application Fee – Payment

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