Program Fees


Elite Tutoring & A-Pair placement fees are the same for both programs, regardless of the duration of your stay in Europe.

Total Program Fee: $300 to be paid to AFJ in Nice, France.

Additional Information:

1- ISIC International Student ID & Travel Insurance, plus STA travel discounts.

2- Assistance of ETAPE and Travel affiliates.

3- Placement and assistance of our Correspondent Agency in Nice and Europe.

4- Full board accommodations with a private room and a car for both, Tutors & Au-Pairs.

5- Long term health insurance provided by the hosting family for the Au-Pair only.

6- Au-Pair get a monthly salary of approximately $ 100 a week from the host family.

* Tutors should not expect any pocket money, unless the family asks for extra tutoring hours.

B- Not included:

7- The round Trip to Europe is not included, we always recommend an open RT ticket.

8- For the Au-Pair only, the Work Visa required for long stays for the Au-Pair is not included, but will be valid for work only in the host country, and valid to travel within all Shengen European countries.

9- For the Au-Pair only, the language  school registration and classes are your sole responsibility, some time, the family may offer to cover those expenses.

10- All extra expenses are your responsibility, please always keep some extra cash on you in case of emergency. Also make sure before you travel, that your credit card or your ATM card are valid for the duration of your stay.

All forms of payment are accepted, please make all payments to the order of : Elite Tutoring & Au-Pair in Europe.

For more information please contact Dr. Clovis (916) 730-4829 or email

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